Stereogramos: Marija Tiurina’s New Series of Surreal and Eerie Works

Marija Tiurina, an illustrator from Lithuania, creates surreal and eerie illustrations. Tiurina is currently based in London, where she continues to create her fictionalized scenes illustrated with precise use of lines that have been described as "perfectly imperfect." Her new series of works entitled Stereogramos showcases the different worlds Tiurina imagines in each illustration. It's a seemingly endless exploration of mystery, delight, and general chaos.
This is a triptych of gifs and animations that transform her signature style into something playful, peculiar, and oddly captivating. The three central characters are surrounded in an environment defined by objects unique to them, including greasy slices of pizza for one character with messy hair who seems bored as she watches the other two girls dance from afar; vinyl records showcasing their dancing abilities for another girl whose headphones flap around behind her head while she dances next to what looks like a severed arm on the ground. And finally, there are one more dancer sporting jeans rolled up just below his knees while he shimmies alongside this odd setting - all in all, it creates pretty exciting work.
Tiurina's work is a combination of watercolor cut-outs that she layers into rich scenes and stereograms. These images give the illusion of greater depth when viewed with binocular vision or without any glasses at all – which Tiurina breaks away from traditional methods by merging two pieces together to create one glitching image in 3D.
The color palette used throughout her illustrations creates an eye-catching design composed entirely out of shapes like triangles, squares, and circles on simple backgrounds. The artist also experiments with different textures such as feathers or lace for hair to make them more realistic rather than just using pen lines alone. Tiurina never leaves anything to chance. Her process is documented with sketches and videos for any future self that wants inspiration or a tutorial from start to finish. If you're looking for gorgeous illustrations in your feed, Tiurina's work will not disappoint!