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The Metamorphe Series: Drone-Light Photographs of Reuben Wu and Jenni Pasanen’s Digital Creations

“Taste.” All images © Reuben Wu and Jenni Pasanen, shared with permission

What would the earth look like if all living beings were extinct? This is the question that Reuben Wu and Jenni Pasanen sought to answer in their Metamorphe series. Through digital creations produced through artificial intelligence, they explore what the landscape would look like in the following metamorphosis. The eerie, smoke-like masses that swirl around hoodoos and the dunes dotting the terrain give a mysterious air to the series.

The otherworldly blends, named after human senses, propose topographies filled with colossal stone and sand formations to be explored for their “sublime and beyond feeling.” “Humans are emotional creatures who make decisions based on their sentiments. On the other hand, a robot is unconstrained, allowing it to think of things that human brains could never achieve on their own.”

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