Michele Volpi creates monochromatic tattoos through fine lines and dotwork

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Our skin becomes a trendy canvas for the artist. The Italian tattoo artist decided to add her brick to this dynamically developing art form. Michele Volpi’s designs are highly detailed. To make his pieces, she uses black ink and free from the ink, natural space of her customers’ skin. Volpi’s technique is on point. It’s full of soft lines and controlled dot work. It makes every piece seems as if it were printed rather than created by a person’s hand. His style is inspired by geometries, world, surrealism, and the sciences. Probably that’s why lots of her tattoos present bugs, flowers, and human anatomy. He dug into tattooing five years ago because of a friend who told him to invest her money into a tattooing starter kit. Initially distant, but quickly fell in love with this form of art. He explains that the world of creation is limitless, and she would love to explore it with her great passion, which is tattooing. His art is truly breathtaking. Lots of people decide to share their body with her and make themself canvas for the masterpieces. If you are interested to see more tattoos and maybe get an appointment booking information, follow Volpi’s Instagram account.


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