This Short Film Shows Water Flow on Earth with Ink and Pigments

I enjoyed watching documentaries on National Geographic for my whole life, so please forgive me, cause at firth sight I mistake this piece of art with some of the footage.
Roman De Giuli is a german filmmaker whose new short movie is an outstanding time-lapse that imitates water flowing through valleys and leaking over mineral-speckled areas with liquid ink.
To produce these impressive works, he spent four months playing with many exciting substances.
Roman created the topographic traits on paper by applying dust, jadeite, malachite, and various other pigments to mimic the planet's originals. He mixed natural shades and jewel tints to create a remarkable reflection of seismic transformations on Earth.
De Giuli is very humble. He is proud of his work, but at the same time, he explained that he is at the very beginning of this journey.
The project was unveiled at the National Palace Museum in Taipei.