Vincent Leroy’s Mesmeric Installation is a Dimensional Experience With Suspended Structures

Motivated by a wave breaker which Vincent Leroy had observed in Japan, the French artist imagines his latest installation entitled ‘Nebula.’ This time, the tide breaker is not in concrete but a mild inflatable construction. The major volume moves slowly towards you in this completely immersive plot.

Parisian based Vincent Leroy’s ‘nebula’ includes twelve modules without a connection to the ground, seeming to be in levitation. The installation floats with extreme elegance, elegance, and voluptuousness, and takes us into a spatial experience. The black mirror texture creates a twisted reflection. Regardless, you can view across the module via a transparent segment in the middle.

Once more, Vincent Leroy’s setup manages to lose your mark. The artist’s diffused work savors slow revolutions and enjoys slowing down the pace with the mechanism which seems magical. He likes to take his own time, breaking down each gesture which counts in his eyes. Leroy’s installations aren’t only visual but experiential — engaging and connecting mind, body and soul. These exhibitions will plunge the visitors into the world of the artist, a reflection on our relationship with all the speed, the space with the fact — so crucial in the world today.

A hunt for the natural rhythm of its internal harmony is conceived. This installation is performed with a particular soundtrack by whistling audio designer Jérôme Eechenoz. It’s broadcasted from four unique directions, moving at precisely the same rate around and within the scheme.

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