Life-Size Monochromatic Sculptures By Hans Op de Beeck Represent Sincerity Of Childhood

Known for his large installations, Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck is also a skilled sculptor whose desaturated characters often make their way into his immersive experiences. His life-size monochromatic sculptures often depict children in states of play, miracle, and reflection, helping build a more multi-sensory experience for your viewer. Op de Beeck's sculptures are generally made from wood, polyester, and pigmented plaster. The lifelike characters are striking for their lack of color, which enables viewers to focus on the form and profound impact of the sculpture without diversion. The artist's sculptures are occasionally presented, while sometimes they're woven right into his immersive artwork installations.

Because of his 2016 sculpture installation The Collector's House, 2,600-square-foot space was transformed into a fictive art collection and Wunderkammer in which people entering the area offers the only color. Here, monochromatic sculptures stand suspended in time, including a little girl in the middle of enjoying Cat's Cradle. Their presence adds a classic, human existence to the stark setting.

Op de Beeck's artwork is a reflection on universal questions of mortality and significance. What is the boy thinking while gazing at the ball? Where will his upcoming direct him and what will be his life's journey? Calm and introspective, he seems untroubled by what he sees.

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