If 8 Popular Pixar Characters Joined The Cars Universe

A certain sense of humor and love of paradoxically-tactile 3D animation pervades the Pixar universe from movie to movie, even if each Pixar world features its own unique community of creatures and inanimate objects. So in Finding Nemo we got fish, in Inside Out we got emotions, and in Toy Story we got... well, toys.

It all makes the prospect of crossover movies frustratingly unworkable – or does it?

Well, naturally the people over at ClickMechanic would like to see a stronger car-themed feel to future Pixar flicks, so they wondered if it might not be possible to re-imagine some of the most popular characters as cars from the movie Cars.

The results are quite startling, and should certainly be food for thought (fuel for the engines?) for the girls and boys down in the animation studio. What do you think – are these vehicle-versions of Pixar’s famous characters spot-on, or are there any new models you’d like to see?

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