A German Artist Transforms Famous Landmarks into Dreamy Landscapes

Hamburg-based artist, traveler, and photographer Robert Jahns combines fantasy and reality with his unbelievable portfolio of digital art. Known as nois7 on Instagram, his carefully crafted compositions have amassed more than one million fans. Each captivating image is similar to something from a dream, often featuring familiar landmarks from all over the world but presented with a surreal fairytale twist.

Believing that emotion is the central facet of his work, Jahns intends to evoke the very same feelings in the audience as he sensed himself when out shooting with his camera.

He explains,"I feel that an image must make you feel something. An image must tell a story. I wish to make you feel the very same things I felt when I was in the moment."

As well as using his photographs out of his experiences, Jahns collaborates with other renowned Instagrammers and photographers from all over the world. He then goes back into his studio in which he uses digital applications to edit and combine photos into otherworldly scenes.


Recurring elements include glittering strings of lights that wrap round woods trees and shining landscapes that float across mirror-like lakes.

H/T mymodernmet