How Instagram reacted to Coronavirus quarantine

During the lockdown importance of sharing positive thinking and top quality pieces of information is even higher. Quarantine creates a difficult time in several countries. So to deal with the spread of Coronavirus, designers modify their arts into prevention messages. Through the time we are used to that, significant events and times of emergency almost always turn into memes. The Internet doesn't take prisoners. COVID-19 pandemic and the actual sanitary crisis that we are going through today, become new celebrities of the meme generation. One of the art pieces that had a little makeover is a popular fresco of Michael Angelo. The Creation of Adam is presented with a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel, latex gloves, and protective suits. The other piece shows Mona Lisa holding a toilet paper. This artwork, for sure, helps us look for this situation from another perspective, whether it makes you laugh at the news or forcing us to value the rules of sanitation and to stay at home.
Chinese designer Duyi Han who lives in the Hubei region, which is the source of the epidemic, also decided to give applause to the doctors, nurses, and other medical professions, who endangered their health and live to heal the infected. His and other works are available online, mainly on Instagram.