Ken Kelleher Digitally Reimagines Public Spaces With Abstract Art

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Ken Kelleher, an abstract sculptor from the United States, has been digitally re-imagining public spaces with his art. Ken’s work is a creative and innovative way to bring public attention to otherwise overlooked locations in the urban landscape. When he first began this project back in 2010, there was no intention of making it a traveling exhibition; however, due to its popularity on social media networks such as Instagram and Twitter, Ken decided that he would take his show on the road by creating installations at new destinations around America.
The main idea behind Ken’s work is to bring the viewer into a state of mind that encourages them to contemplate life while at the same time allowing them to take in some beautiful natural surroundings. He has done this by creating large, abstract sculptures with curves and lines made of simple wood or steel materials. These works are then placed in parks and other public spaces where they stand alone but provide an attractive focal point for people walking around during their daily routine.
Ken, a former Creative Director from the advertising industry for twenty years, retired to pursue his passion for sculpture. Ken’s sculptures can be found in private collections around the world, and he also exhibits with galleries in America and internationally.
Ken Kelleher is an amazing and misunderstood artist from our generation. People in the know will tell you that he’s one of a kind, but many don’t seem to understand what it is precisely that Ken does for the art world.


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