Taiwanese Designer Creates Fully-Functional Hasselblad Camera Using Only LEGO Bricks

Every time a creative person gets their hands on LEGO bricks, there are endless possibilities to what they could style. In the past, we've seen designers recreate famous landmarks in miniature, sculpt animal types, as well as construct life-sized cherry blossom trees. The hottest impressive design we have come across is a fully-functional LEGO camera based on a Hasselblad 503CX by the Taiwan based photographer, designer, and LEGO builder Helen Sham. Using 1,120 LEGO bits, Sham spent just 2 hours creating her amazing yellow and black film camera.

She reveals,"I Lego-designed this camera because I am also a photographer and this camera was one of my favorites. I love the manual mechanisms of this particular camera very much."

The original Hasselblad 503CX camera premiered in the late'80s but references the iconic style of this 500 Series which dates back to the late 1950s. Sham's LEGO variant not only resembles into the real thing on the exterior, but the interior mechanisms match the original model also.


Sham's camera comes with a waist-level viewfinder, a glass lens, a mirror, a spring-loaded camera, a counter, and just a movie winder where you can load the real movie. The designer transformed her Hasselblad to LEGO Ideas, a crowdsourced strategy for indicating future LEGO kits. To create a toy, the work needs to attract 10,000 supporters. In case it makes this target, the design will then be submitted for inspection, in which the newest will hand-pick projects to turn into fresh official LEGO Ideas sets. If you'd like to see Sham's LEGO Hasselblad become an official solution, you can show your support to the LEGO Ideas web site. You might also find more of this designer's LEGO projects on her website.