The Emotigun – A Project By Tadas Maksimovas That Shoots Facebook Emoji’s

The Emotigun is a wireless 12v slingshot that fires Facebook likes, was made by Tadas Maksimovas and, unsurprisingly, encouraged by a meme of Sylvester Stalone. Forearms are shimmering, fists gripping a 50 caliber, the old meme revealed Rambo unloading ammunition to a forest. The ammo was photoshopped 2008-style and the bullets were substituted with hundreds of blurry Facebook thumbs: a Rambo-way of telling somebody 'I like it'. A few years ago that early-Facebook meme simply indicated a like, but in 2019's socially drained, instant-gratification-addicted climate, a weapon that pelts social networking reactions at an artist dressed as indicating Zuckerberg is a far darker sense of humor.

From the movie below, the creator behind the job, Tadas Maskimovas, intentionally similar to the one markers Zuckerberg wore when he first talked with congress. Tadas proceeds to flame enjoys, hearts, wows, angers and tears in his face. He stands their becoming pelted for awhile, then Throws up an ironic thumbs up at the end of the video.