What if Big Companies Issued Their Own Currency?

Are countries becoming increasingly run by businesses? Could companies issue their currency? Monetary denominations from 1-500 are published with the portraits of famous founders and entrepreneurs that are notable from Facebook to Starbucks, quantifying some of the world's most prominent businesses.

The designer Jade Dalloul imagined the money with global influences, giving it both vertical and horizontal reading directions.

'Eventually, I picked the uniform scale derived from the US dollar bill to many units, and utilized the same ratio width/height initially found in the euro,' Dalloul continues.

Dalloul adopted mission statements as 'state mottoes,' used pictures of business founders as if they were political characters, and displayed trademarks and motifs in precisely the same manner that regimes emphasize ideologies. 'in doing so,' Dalloul says, 'I also attempted to root legitimacy of those brands in placing places related to their histories, such as the very first gas pump to get a shell, or even the brand new apple campus.'