A CGI Master Creates Sci-fi Inspired Artwork That Reflects Today’s Society

Mike Winkelmann aka "beeple" was making an art each day for just about a decade. Three-thousand three-hundred and eighty-seven days straight. He seems to live in another dimension: each generation is an astonishing, beautiful vision of science-fiction. He can make the unnatural appearance natural; the artificial feel real, the foreign look comfortable. Most often his pieces are renderings -- images --, but he's adept at crafting otherworldly short movies too.

He has long been revered online for all these incredible creations, and many years ago, he made a music video for musician Flying Lotus. Ever since that time, he has been on FlyLo's tag, Brainfeeder. In July, he provided visuals to the Democratic National Convention.

Winkelmann lives in a tiny town in Wisconsin one hour north of Milwaukee. He is 35 years old, a father of two, and more dedicated to his craft than a flower is to sunlight. He is the type of artist that makes other artists give up.

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h/t theinspirationgrid