Arara: Battery-free Lights That Make Bicycles Visible on The Road

Colorful as an arara parrot and as eye-catching as the northern lights, 'Arara' lights make bicycles much more visible to the road. Made by Siberia-based physicist Semyon Filippov, the luminaire does not require a battery to keep your life safe.

Increasing the bicycle's visibility during the daylight hours and at night, arara illuminates the whole wheel, ensuring that motorists can quickly spot a fisherman out of every angle. The lights are self-powered using neodymium magnets -- no batteries or wires needed.

Users don't need to worry about charging the lights or switching them off or on. They turn when the cyclist starts rolling, and gradually dim after the rider stops.

Filippov will start 'arara' on Indiegogo shortly -- to be informed and get 20% off, subscribe to this newsletter on the designer's website.