Casusgrill is a sustainable instant grill made from lava rock

Dining in the outside is 1 action many appreciate when the weather makes it. Produced from FSC-certified cardboard lined with lava rock, this grill lessens the danger of burns while developing a top, even temperature which ensures that your food is properly tucked, with a pleasant, crispy barbecued complete.

The Casusgrill utilizes nature's own construction blocks, brought together from the easiest possible design. This modest biodegradable piece emits around 50 percent less CO2 compared to classic disposable grills. Complete with a stand made out of bamboo, the cardboard box includes thermal insulating material, reducing the external temperature of the grill. And as soon as you finish with it, the entire box can be disposed into a bonfire, leaving no waste behind.

Lightweight lava stone
Made of all natural materials – charcoal, volcanic stone, bamboo