Laser-Cut Puzzles Created Based on Geological Forms

When you are an expert at putting together jigsaw puzzles, occasionally an everyday scenery picture just does not cut it -- you need a more significant obstacle. But not worry, the design company Nervous System is here to help by giving you a challenge you'll be focusing on solving for hours on end. They recently introduced 'Geode,' a computer-generated jigsaw puzzle created depending on the creation of agates, a colorful banded stone.

Every one of those jigsaw puzzles is a one-of-a-kind creation that's made with the help of a computer application, which starts off by producing the borders of the puzzle and then building it up by going inwards. The founders of the brilliant piece highlighted its singularity by explaining that "each band of expansion shows slight changes in growth rate, color, and personality leading to an exceptional pattern."

The parts of the puzzle are made from plywood that is laser cut at a dense, maze-like pattern, the most challenging cut design out there. One could say that the degree of the challenge this is quantified by a number of pieces and if you choose whether it's going to be 180 and 360, you can get your hands on those unique jigsaw puzzles in their online store.

h/t Colossal / My Modern Met