Shift: Comfortable Watch Band for Avid Athletes

Eager athletes always need gear that enables them to evolve and improve their performance. With smartwatches used to help in collecting and delivering torrents of vital information, the traditional placement has always been a distraction. The “Shift” band by Edge Gear wants to change the way people communicate with devices while still being focused. Designed in Norway, the band allows an easy fit for both left and right-handed users. The founders James Gilmore and Andrew Green made the first 24 prototypes on their 3D printer. These redundancies resulted in a comfortable and reliable fit that weighs approximately 50% less than traditional bands. It has an adaptable strap that fits small to large sized wrists and comes with three loop sizes to choose from assuring a custom fit and goes on and off easier and faster than a traditional band. The Shift band suits smartwatches like the Applewatch”, Pebble, as well as fitness training versions by Garmin and Timex.