Uncover Tech’s Beauty With This Apple Watch 1st Gen. Disassembled Into All its Tiny Parts

The tech industry is a massive part of our lives, shaping how we work and play. Our tech products are complex and intricate pieces of machinery that require care to keep them running smoothly. GRID’s technology products range from iPhones to GameBoys, and they’re converted into exploded mosaics that resemble viewing an exquisite jigsaw puzzle that has been shredded.

With these framed Apple Watch 1st Gen, the folks at GRID are on a quest to reveal the elegance that lies beneath our favorite technology gadgets. This version is disassembled into all its tiny parts- this version shows how gracefully intricate they can be (even if it’s mass-produced). This framed unit focuses on the 1st Generation Apple Watch (also known as Series 0). Underneath a glass panel, the frame holds all Apple Watch components in their proper places and labels them correctly. The canvas is covered in arrows that tell you where each element belongs, giving you a better sense of the smartwatch we take for granted on our wrist!


This framed edition depicts the timepiece in gold, with its anodized aluminum casing. The meticulously cut crown on the side, sensors on top, strap fasteners, and a milled hole for where the home button would be are all visible.

As your gaze travels along, you notice all of the other components that make up the watch, from the single-core S1 processor to the touchscreen display, speakers, battery, taptic engine, and other ribbon connections that join them.

There’s something beautiful about the Apple Watch’s complexity, such as looking at a da Vinci masterpiece up close so you can see every brushstroke, flaw in the paint, and canvas texture. This is no less than gazing upon the Mona Lisa if you’re a tech enthusiast, futurist, and nerd like us! However, the production of GRID is minimal (Isn’t it true that there are only so many 1st Generation Apple watches available to you?) The majority of these framed components are secondhand (used previously), keeping the overall price of the item low. This one, for example, comes with a 13×13-inch frame and costs $199 worldwide.

Designer: GRID Studio

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