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Tunghai University’s C-Ecology Concept Wins Green Concept Award: A 3D-Printed Ecosystem for Urban Rivers

We all agree that we need to address climate change and the harm we are causing to the planet. But what can one person do? Well, if more people start thinking about innovative ways to save our planet, then maybe we can make a difference. One concept that will help is C-Ecology from Tunghai University in Taiwan. This concept was designed for urban rivers and used environmentally friendly ceramics that are 3d-printed. Let's hope this concept wins the Green Concept Award so that more people can learn about it and hopefully implement it!

3D printing technology is gaining ground in a variety of industries. This time, it will be extensively utilized in environmental care. The concept is that a modular system will be built as a wetland system. Rivers vary in size and depth, but with the flexible structure, they may change.

The wetland construction is then placed in the resuscitation basket, which will provide nutrients to the water. The goal is for a coral reef structure to be available, so shellfish, shrimp, and other aquatic animals may live and establish an inhabited system in the water. The water circulation will be improved by having these living things in the water.

The more water circulation improves, the better the urban river will be balanced in environmental beauty, hydrophilicity, and ecosystem. Ecology has always been significant in Taiwan, and we're happy to hear that more researchers are working on making it better. Creating an ecosystem in Taiwan's urban rivers will undoubtedly have a long-term impact, and we can't wait to see it happen not just here but all around the world.

Although a long-term solution is ideal, we understand that not every proposal will succeed. The C-Ecology has been nominated by the creators of the Green Product Award 2022 as being a suitable example of promoting ecology through design. It was selected as the Top 8 among the ten awardees of the Green Concept Audience Award 2022 recently. The overall Concept Winner has not yet been named, but it will be revealed on February 25th.

This Taiwanese project has a lot of promise when put into practice. Imagine city rivers becoming a natural habitat and environment for living sea creatures. We don't want to see big fishes and alligators swimming about underwater, do we? Of course not! We want the tiny fish and shrimp to flourish and contribute life to the water.