Steen Sundland

Born and raised in the picturesque city of Copenhagen, Denmark, Steen Sundland discovered his passion for photography at a remarkably young age. At just 10 years old, he initially aimed his lens at his older sister, who was a budding model at the time. This early experience exposed him to the world of fashion and ignited his enduring fascination with visual storytelling.

By the age of 13, Steen was so captivated by photography that he devoted his summer vacation to constructing his first darkroom, marking his first steps into a lifelong devotion to the craft. After earning his degree from college, he began to chase his dreams of a professional career in photography. Initially, he gained experience by working as an assistant in Copenhagen, honing his skills and building a portfolio until 1990, when he decided to broaden his horizons by relocating to Paris, France.

Paris proved to be another seminal chapter in Steen’s journey. Just a year after his move to the French capital, he took another significant step by relocating to New York City. It was in this vibrant metropolis that he transitioned from being an assistant to securing his first freelance assignments as a fashion photographer.

As the years unfolded, Steen amassed an impressive roster of clients, contributing his work to an array of esteemed publications. He lent his visual skills to elite fashion magazines such as Paris Vogue, ID, Self-service, Numero, Interview, Vanity Fair, and W, as well as mainstream publications like French and British Elle, Mixte, Details, British GQ, and D la Repubblica. These opportunities have made him a recognizable name in the fashion and photography industries, building a strong reputation for his unique aesthetic and keen eye for detail.

But Steen’s portfolio isn’t limited to editorial work; he has also ventured into the realm of commercial photography. He has executed advertising campaigns for an extensive list of high-profile brands, including iconic names in fashion like Levis and Calvin Klein. In the beauty and skincare sector, he’s worked with brands like Piz Buin and Roc. High-street fashion giant H&M, global payment leader Visa, and spirits brand J&B are also part of his expansive client list. Additionally, Steen has worked on ad campaigns for Liz Claiborne, T-Mobile, Sony, and the department store Bloomingdales.

Steen Sundland’s career is a testament to his relentless pursuit of artistic excellence, from his early days in Copenhagen to his professional endeavors across fashion capitals like Paris and New York. With a resume as extensive as his, he serves as an inspiring example for aspiring photographers, proving that talent, when coupled with determination and continuous learning, can lead to a fulfilling and internationally recognized career.

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