Need a Cryo-Jacket? Check Out This Super Durable and Warm Titan Fleece Jacket

Are you inhabiting a frigid climate? Then you undoubtedly know the criticality of having a fine jacket. However, if your plans involve a voyage to cosmic regions, you must invest in something even sturdier like our Titan Fleece Jacket. This garment is made with premier material that ensures optimal protection against extreme temperatures and can survive long-term use without deteriorating over time. Get ready now for your next out-of-this-world adventure with this top-notch coat

Designer: Volleback

The Titan Fleece Jacket claims to be the strongest in the world, shielding you from cold temperatures and conditions that may result in wear and tear. Ordinarily, a fleece jacket can easily tear or shred – even though it provides warmth and coziness. For this reason, additional materials were added for extra strength, including Dyneema (a fiber commonly found on tanks), high-tenacity nylon material combined with waterproofing layers for ultimate protection!

Dyneema is known as the world’s most rigid fiber, yet it doesn’t come soft and cuddly. To craft this material’s alien-like three-dimensional honeycomb structure, our team had to heat, stretch and break Dyneema until it became thin enough to combine with polyester and elastane fibers. The result – is a fabric that looks like something out of outer space. This jacket is ahead of its time, bringing a textured blend of fleece, Dyneem, and nylon together for unparalleled comfort and protection from the cold and abrasions, extreme weather conditions, and scratches – you name it!

The Titan Fleece jacket is designed to make life easier with its magnetic zipper mechanism, permitting you to open and close it even when wearing thick gloves effortlessly. Not only that, but the pull cord allows you to zip up with just one hand! Additionally, there are multiple pockets all around the jacket – some oversized – equipped with water-resistant zippers and metal snap fasteners so that items stay secure while keeping them safe from moisture. This jacket is your ideal companion for winter mountain climbing and can even take you to Saturn or Titan–when space travel one day becomes a reality.