Self Assembly Leather Coins Bag  by Toyish Projects

We are TOYISH PROJECTS  a boutique design team based in HONG KONG that specializes in lifestyle products. We are bored with conventional designs, so we aim to design in an experimental manner. We believe that functionality and aesthetic should coexist and create awesome products.

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The Self-Assembly Leather Coin Bags are made with premium graded vegetable tanned leather, and with brass screws and buttons provided. With the instruction guide provided in the package, customers can have their unconventional DIY leather toys without any special skills and extra time. The procedure is simple and quick. It is definitely the best DIY gifts for holidays and for everyone, at all ages.


Leather goods have always been luxurious goods because of the involvement of leather craftsmanship. However, with our design, the final cost is reduced and you can gain more than you thought

Less Time: Slotting only takes you 3-5 minutes. The whole process is simple and quick.


Less Tools: Only your hands, 1 piece of Toyish Projects designed leather, 2 pairs of brass screws and buttons! No preparation is needed! Unlike conventional hand stitching, you may need needles, wax threads, tooth prickling iron, etc…..


Easy and User-friendly: No special skills on leather is required when you hand on it. With the simple instruction guide, everyone can finish it without getting any troubles and help, even kids and elderly.


Experience: While others are using hand-stitched leather goods, your Toyish bag will be the special one. It will be a good way to start a conversation with this innovative design and share your DIY experience to friends that its actually simple and stylish.


Less Cost: As we save the input of the leather craftsmanship and unnecessary tools, the final cost is lower. However, the quality can still be superior.