What Your Facial Hair Says About You

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Just like our wardrobe and accessories, our hair and facial hair are equally important forms of self-expression. Even though that might come off as a bit superficial, first impressions do last the longest. No matter if you are a guy who follows the latest trends or not at all, you must have noticed that having well-groomed facial hair has become quite the thing.

When making a choice about what to do with your facial hair, you are exhibiting certain aspects of your personality to some extent. That is why this article will help you learn more about different looks and choose the style that suits you the most.

But Before, Match Your Beard to Your Overall Style

Like you wouldn’t wear flip-flops with an elegant suit (or would you?) you need to consider your beard as part of your overall style. It needs to be an integral part of how you present yourself and communicate with your attire and accessories. And don’t be intimidated by the word “accessories”, men are definitely accessorizing these days. Chic laptop cases, flashy sunglasses and smartwatches are almost basic these days.

The next phase of men-accessorizing goes to jewelry and novelty items like fedora hats, hip flasks and even dressy pocket squares. All three items, by the way, are classic accessories that have been around for a century or two and keep floating in and out of fashion, very much like facial hair. The hip flask especially seems to make a strong comeback, with tons of cool and stylish types of flasks everywhere you look. Like the fedora and the pocket squares the flask hints to more elegant days when the term ‘gentleman’ had a real meaning.

Now back to facial hair. To demonstrate the elevated status it has reached in recent years - there are actual beard experts, such as Allan Peterkin, a physician and a university professor, who is the author of “One Thousand Beards, A Cultural History of Facial Hair” and “The Bearded Gentleman: A Style Guide to Shaving Face”.

According to this beard scholar, facial hair has become a man’s way to make personal statements, just like women do with their makeup or hairstyles. While, in the past, beards and facial hair, in general, were dictated by society and authorities such as politicians or kings, now, “post-modern facial hair is generally playful, rebellious and sexy” and it depends solely on your own choice.

What Does Your Facial Hair Communicate About You?

The clean-shaven look says you’re preppy

As Peterkin says: “Before men used to be wed to a look, it was a life-long expression and not a fad. I think young men are going back and forth between having some sort of facial hair and now going clean-shaven. I think men are freer to do that than before”.

Some people even think that if your face is perfectly shaped, it would be a shame to cover it up with a beard. On the other hand, if you are one of those people who simply cannot grow facial hair at all, or are unable to turn it into something attractive, worry not, because Peterkin predicts that we will be going back to that classy and clean “Mad Men” look in the near future.

Full beard means you’re a wise and experienced man

Peterkin says: “I think the association for a lot of people is that its the scholarly beard, or academics often have those beards”. Full beards have often been associated with historical or even religious figures (such as Jesus or Moses), so this doesn’t come as a surprise.

However, nowadays we can see younger and older guys opting for this style as well and it has become as mainstream as can be, proper for any job type and occasion. If you are opting for this look, be sure that you are using proper beard oils and products to avoid the messiness.

The goatee means you’re stuck in the '90s

The goatee started being a huge hit in the 1990s, but is nevertheless still popular, especially among westerners and country guys. Although it was a statement back then, in the present days, it became more of an overly done expression – as someone once said: “If your dad and your dentist still have goatees, it’s time to change your look”.

Sideburns suggest you’re a hipster

Although sideburns are commonly associated with the king himself – Elvis Presley, college campuses are now filled with young guys in hipster clothes rocking this look. However, we must agree that it can be quite playful!

The ‘stache means you’re cocky

Although mustache had some bad rap in the past and even sexual connotation in the ’70s (the so-called “porn mustache”), younger guys who wear it nowadays are usually seen as confident and trendy.

Soul patch says you’re unconventional

According to Peterkin: “During both World Wars, men, particularly in America, were clean-shaven. Then every decade after, there was a little pocket of facial hair. In the ‘50s, beatniks had soul patches, and then hippies adopted the look in the ‘60s.”

Photo by Foto Sushi

Stubble suggests you’re fashionable

The majority of famous hunks are now rocking this look also known as the scruff. Although it seems to be out-of-the-bed effortless, the scruff needs to be maintained nevertheless. If growing a beard is too extreme for you, the best idea is to try out this look, as it suits practically every face.

Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Facial Hair?

If you are a fan of the clean-shaven look, you don’t need to do a lot – a simple hydrating cream will do! However, if you have a beard, you need to make sure you are putting some effort into it. Many men fear that using products on their face or hair will over-complicate their lives, so they decide not to bother.

But if you want your beard to truly pop out and reflect your manliness – you need to have a certain grooming regimen. And worry not, it is pretty effortless; all you need is some good beard shampoo and oil. The HiLee top beard shampoo will keep your beard clean and nice-smelling while the oil will moisturize your facial hair, no matter the length of it, and it will hydrate your skin underneath it.

Why is that important, you might ask yourself. Well, you can’t have nice looking facial hair without healthy skin. Beard oil will help to reduce any itching or dryness, leaving your beard well-groomed and shiny, instead of having a messy pile of hairs on your face.

In conclusion, we will leave the stereotype-inspired jokes aside and encourage you to experiment with different styles as much as you want, before finding the perfect option. In times where there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling your facial hair, you cannot really know what a particular look means unless you ask the person wearing it.