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Yannis Davy Guibinga’s Vibrant Photography Series Captures the Beauty and Identity of African Culture

Looking at the portraits in Yannis Davy Guibinga’s latest series, it’s hard not to be struck by the beauty and power of African culture. Each photograph is a stunning exploration of identity, showcasing the intricate details that make each person unique. Whether it’s the patterned fabric of a gown or the shimmering face paint, Guibinga manages to capture the essence of his subjects in a truly breathtaking way. If you’re interested in portraits and fashion photography, this series is worth checking out! “By allowing each picture to tell a different narrative and convey a distinctive experience, viewpoint, and vantage point… He creates a world of strong, beautiful, and honorable Africans regardless of gender performance, social standing, or sexual orientation by mixing them,” regarding the photographer.

Guibinga commonly hovers just above his subjects when capturing, enhancing the emotional impact of each photograph by providing further support for the shot. He explains:

I try to include various angles in a narrative to provide multiple viewpoints, but lately, looking up at my subjects has become something that I do virtually every time. The topics are shown in a particularly magnificent and dignified manner. Because I frequently work with young fashion designers, I discovered that it’s also an excellent method of showcasing a garment while still telling a beautiful tale with the arrangement.

Guibinga is based in Montréal, where he is currently completing a master’s degree. Brick at Blue Star in San Antonio will showcase his four collections until February 3, followed by an appearance at Galerie XII in Santa Monica on February 6. Since February, he’s been writing on the site, and his work hasn’t slowed down. He has a new book out, As We Rise: Photography from the Black Atlantic, which you can follow on Instagram.

“Pigments” (2020) featuring Atlas Hapy. MUA by Amal Afoussi. All images © Yannis Davy Guibinga, shared with permission
“The First Woman” (2020) featuring Evangeli Anteros.
“The First Woman” (2020) featuring Evangeli Anteros.
“Oma Ayiya” (2020) featuring Tracy Valentine. MUA by Amal Afoussi
“Multicolor” (2020) featuring Atlas Hapy
“Glowzi” (2017) featuring Glowzi