What Does 200 Calories Look Like

In retrospect, it might not be that shocking to see a visual representation of 200 calories, but in reality, it is shocking to see a visual representation of 200 calories. Especially when comparing "healthy foods" to "junk foods". It’s common knowledge that something are better for you than others, but when you compare half a muffin to 1400 grams of celery… Well. We've taken the liberty of comparing the plates of food; side by side, to give you an even better visual of what 200 calories is.

Blueberry Muffin (72 grams) vs Celery (1425 grams)

Hot Dogs (66 grams) vs Baby Carrots (570 grams)

Fried Bacon (34 grams) vs Avocado (125 grams)

Doritos (41 grams) vs Apples (385 grams)

Hershey Kisses (36 grams) vs Honeydew Melon (553 grams)

Peanut Butter (34 grams) vs Kiwi (328 grams)

Blackberry Pie (56 grams) vs Grapes (290 grams)

French Fries (73 grams) vs Mini Peppers (740 grams)

Gummy Bears (51 grams) vs Dried Apricots (83 grams)

Butter (28 grams) vs Eggs (150 grams)