A Guide To Buying The Best Electric Smoker For Your Home

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Smoked meat is something most people love. With smoked meat, you have a way of spending your weekend in style while quenching your barbecuing. The aroma, as well as the taste that comes with it, will make you salivate. Plus, the process of smoking your meat can be exciting. So, if you are a barbecue lover, you need to make your meat even sweeter. But, minus a good smoker, you are unlikely to achieve a good taste in your smoked meat. So, how do you go about choosing a good electric smoker? Well, this guide is going to delve into the electric smoker basics—expounding on how to choose the best one for all your barbecue endeavors. Keep reading!

Things to Look For In an Electric Smoker

When shopping around for an authentic, effective, and quality electric smoker, let the following factors guide you.


Look for an electric smoker from a reliable manufacturer. Remember, there are numerous electric smoker manufacturers out there. Thus, it’s extremely important to look for a manufacturer who understands the importance of quality, reliability, durability, and efficiency. With a reliable manufacturer like CookoutPal Smokers, you can be sure of a premium quality unit.

Cooking Capacity

Electric cookers are all about cooking capacity. So, when looking for an electric smoker, go for one with superior cooking capacity. The larger the cooking capacity, the better your cooking experience. The smoker should have enough cooking space. What about the heating element? What about its wattage? These are the things you should look for in an electric smoker as far as it's cooking capacity is concerned.

Temperature Controls

A good electric smoker should have working temperature controls. For instance, look for things like remote control, RF controls, etc. These features will help you monitor the temperature of your meat from anywhere in the house.

Top Choices

Masterbuilt 20078715

Invest in a smoker that will let you do your meat smoking in style. With the Masterbuilt 20078715, you have a smoker that is easy to use and efficient when it comes to smoking your meat. The best part, the Masterbuilt 20078715 can be used by both experts and beginners. The design is sturdy and compact—measuring about 721sq.inch. The Masterbuilt 20078715 comes with 4 chrome-plated trays/racks—giving you enough space to store your meat. Also, there is a drip tray in addition to a wood chip tray.

The Masterbuilt 20078715 is outfitted with a digital display that works brilliantly—including during those bright sunny days. Also, there is a heating element that is rated at 800 watts. It’s also important to note that the smoker can hit a temp of around 27in and 5 Degrees. Additionally, the timer can be set to a max of 24 hours. The insulation is extremely good and the design is superior. Therefore, you can be sure of optimal temperature maintenance. So, if these are the features that you are looking for in an electric smoker, then the Masterbuilt 20078715 can be a nice option for you.

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Char-Broil Vertical Smoker

The Char-Broil is an excellent vertical electric smoker that comes with a myriad of features you can leverage to smoke your beloved meat. Perfect for both beginners and experts, the Char-Broil is rated at 1500 watts and comes with a whole 500 sq. inch smoking space. The Char-Broil is coated with porcelain wood and the insulation is excellent. With Char-Broil, you have a smoker that comes with 3 chrome-coated trays, a strong water pan, plus a drip cup. Also, the unit comes with a porcelain-based wood chip pan.

Weighing about 50 pounds, the Char-Broil has an inbuilt temp gauge—so you can check the temperate on a regular basis. Considering similar electric smokers on the market today, the Char-Broil is equally impressive. Purchase it and let your smoked meat do the talking.

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Char-Broil Deluxe Smoker

The Char-Broil Deluxe is a great digital smoker that you can count on for all your meat smoking needs. With a glass-based exterior capacity plus a whopping 725 sq. Inch for your cooking purposes, you can count on this unit to take your meat smoking to another new level. The smoker also comes with a wood-based chip tray and a heating element of 800 Watts. It’s also important to note that the heating racks are capable of 4ibs of any type of meat. Other great features of the Char-Broil Deluxe include an easy to remove the dripping system and remote control for monitoring things from any location in the house. The unit is easy to clean and is equipped with a temp probe for checking the meat temperature.

Masterbuilt 20077515 Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt 20077515 is an authentic front controller-based electric smoker that can give you impressive results when it comes to the quality of smoked meat. With this unit, you have a smoker that is sturdy, compact, and highly reliable. This 30-Inch variant is equipped with a 730 sq. Inch plus an RF remote controller. Plus, the unit comes with a temp probe that lets you monitor the temperature of your meat remotely. The unit is portable and has a perfect balance when it comes to cooking capacity and heating power. The Masterbuilt 20077515 is also equipped with a glass window plus an inbuilt lighting system. In a nutshell, the Masterbuilt 20077515 is all about superior temp controls, quality, as well as huge cooking capacity. So, if these are the features that you are looking for in an electric smoker, let the Masterbuilt 20077515 top your shopping list.

The Bottom-Line

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It’s time to take your barbecue game to another new level. Smoke your meat like a pro. The above guide contains all you need to get the best electric smoker for your barbecued meat. From what to look for in an electric to the best units you can purchase on the market today, this guide is all you need to land An electric smoker that will let you smoke your meat in style.