Al Dente: Pasta-Inspired Silver Jewelry That Helps Feed the Hungry

Do you remember those kindergarten classes spent making masterpieces from pasta and glue? Pasta art only got far more complex thanks to Delicacies Jewelry, who recently released a lineup of pasta-inspired sterling silver bracelets. The group, entitled Al Dente--which is the Italian term for perfectly-cooked pasta that's firm to the bite--was created in collaboration with Barilla. Each piece is dependent on your favorite pasta shapes, from a bowtie-shaped farfalle to the corkscrew-like Rotini.

Every purchase provides 20 foods to help feed the hungry.

When describing their theme, the newest goes deep into a passionate pasta-mythos that even borders on the religious. The Rotini necklace is said to promote "passion, joy, and renewal" while the Penne Rigate piece encourages "passion, attention, and creativity." Together, the pasta pendants are "a reminder of what it means to be human." Delicacies go on to describe how "Pasta is a cross-cultural phenomenon; meals of communal, familial suppers and silent comfort evenings. Wear it to recall ages past, and to draw on that background when you are feeling that the world coming unraveled."

Head over to the Delicacies antique site where you can also have a quiz to discover your "soul ingredient."