The Trendy Pasta Maker: The Unique Design of Chef David Rivillo’s Homemade Fare

All images © David Rivillo, shared with permission

The pasta maker, Chef David Rivillo, has a unique style. He diverges from the pasta stocked on most supermarket shelves by adding some flair to his handmade fare. His pasta comes in many different shapes and colors; he makes bowties and tortellini with vibrant stripes and fettuccine that are more evocative of textiles or stained glass than saucy dishes. Each dough is designed, produced, and cooked according to a chemical understanding of the relationship between the two that ensures each design remains intact throughout the cooking process.
Rivillo, who has a large following on Instagram and TikTok, began the project in 2019 shortly after Carlos Cruz Diez's death, when he received a Rembrandt Foundation grant to develop it. “I replicated the ‘Cromointerferencia de color aditivo,’ an artwork he produced for the Simón Bolívar International Airport, which is one of the most iconic works of art for all Venezuelans,” he stated in an interview. “My mind has been obsessed with the idea ever since, and I’ve tried many different patterns and designs.”