Top Meal Prep Tips for Apartments with Small Kitchens

Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash

While today’s apartments are getting better and better kitchens, the size constraints of apartment living limit how large your apartment kitchen can be. If you have a luxury apartment home with a small kitchen, your meal planning may need to get a little creative. Here are some tips that will make meal planning easier in your small kitchen space.

Keep Your Equipment Simple

In a small kitchen, you won’t have space for the latest and greatest gadgets, but you won’t need them either. You can cook up tasty meals with the simplest of gear. As you build your kitchen supplies, avoid the temptation to buy everything you see. Only buy items you have room to store and know you will use regularly.

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Keep Things Stored

That brings up an important second point. In a small kitchen, you will need all of the space you can get on your countertops for food prep. Only buy appliances and cooking gear that you have a place, out of sight, to store. If your counters become too crowded, you won’t be able to tackle your meal prep needs.

Prep Items Ahead

If you can get ahead on your meal prep and planning, you will have less stress and frustration when you’re ready t cook in your small kitchen. Chopping and dicing, for instance, can happen the morning before you need to use an ingredient, or even the night before. Some food prep can take place on the weekends, so all you have to do is pull something out of the fridge and toss it in the pan. By spreading out the work load a bit in this way, you will not have an overwhelming amount of food out in your small kitchen.

Clean As You Go

No one likes a giant cleaning mess when they are done prepping dinner, but if your kitchen is small, this can spell disaster. Clean up your messes as you go to avoid losing your counter space to the aftermath of your work. You can even clean-as-you-go with your utensils. As long as they have not touched something dangerous, like raw meat, simply rinse utensils and re-use to keep the amount of work you have at the end of the day to a minimum.

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Get Creative with Storage

Finally, make your kitchen easier to handle with creative storage. Stowing items above the cabinets, using magnetic knife strips to hold metal utensils and knives, and even creating a slide-out spice cabinet for that little space between the fridge and the wall can all make your kitchen run more efficiently.

A small kitchen does not mean you have to suffer through your cooking tasks. With a little bit of organization and planning, you can thrive and cook up delectable treats even in a small space.