Top 8 tips to know to keep you fit at home

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Home workouts have become an excellent and comfortable solution for many, they have added variety to walking and cycling. For a more effective training process at home, catch a set of tips and tricks in order to maintain a normal level of your physical and mental health no matter what.

Purpose is important

Someone wants to add more reps of pull-ups, but for someone, it is important to run a longer distance or lose a couple of kilograms. When you have a goal, it is clear how to motivate yourself and why to be disciplined. There are many training options: cardio training develops endurance and the respiratory system, strength work increases muscle mass, and increases power. When you understand what you want, it is easier to decide on the necessary fitness equipment.

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Don't go crazy with equipment

You do not need to immediately equip yourself with an Olympic-style gym. It is important to select the equipment for your purposes. To maintain general physical fitness, you will need gravity, a pair of dumbbells, a jump rope, rubber bands, and comfortable gear. By the way, on the warmbody-coldmind website you can find something for yourself. Remember that an air bike or rower is already a significant financial expense. To get started, make the most of everything around and at hand: stairs for training legs, a chair for push-ups, plastic bottle for strength exercises. You can buy a barbell with a platform, or more versatile like wall balls. Squatting with a wall ball is an excellent way to reinforce proper squat mechanics and help increase work capacity for the lower body. Wall balls can also be used as general exercises, but they're most often employed during rehabilitation programs or sports injuries because of their ability to strengthen quadriceps while improving hamstring flexibility at less risk than typical weightlifting movements like squats would pose on these joints (no pun intended). A medicine ball will do in place if you don't have access to one; just make sure it's soft enough so that impact doesn't cause too much discomfort when thrown against surfaces such as brick walls!

Warm-up is essential

Before you start showing your power, speed, endurance and coordination, take at least 10 minutes to prepare your body for these adventures. The heart needs to speed up a little, the muscles need to warm up, and the joints need to enter the working amplitude. Wave your hands and raise your legs - tune your body to physical activity. Dynamic stretching before training and static stretching after is important and necessary. This will definitely reduce the risk of injury and the training stress will be adequate.

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Remember the technique

Exercises are important not only to perform but also to perform them correctly. The form of movement and the angles in the joints are not only effective but also safe. If you can't, simplify and reduce the load. Slowing down your running pace or lifting a lighter weight is a wise decision. If you do not know how to do it correctly, ask a coach or search for an answer online.

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Vary the loads

Try different formats to keep your workouts fun.

You can mix strength sets with endurance rounds, use interval training. At home, this will be more reasonable than just monotonous strength work or just walking on the treadmill.


The cool advantage of home workouts is that it saves time. During the session, you can listen to interesting and educational audiobooks or watch a TV series, at the same time when the heart is exercising.

Make exercising part of your homework

When doing housework, you can incorporate exercise into them. For example, instead of just cooking, you can do toe raises or lunges around your house while cleaning.


It is important to remember that only heavy loads will not increase your fitness level. This can be achieved with the right combination of training and rest. This does not mean that you cannot train 5 times a week, you just need to build this process correctly. It is necessary to alternate muscle groups and types of training work, eat right, and get enough rest.

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