1-Inch Diameter Paintings by Bryanna Marie: Miniature Masterpieces That Correspond to the Coin’s Origin

All images © Bryanna Marie, courtesy of Abend Gallery

Have you ever seen a painting that’s so small, it can fit inside of a coin? Bryanna Marie is an artist who specializes in miniature masterpieces - her paintings are all 1-inch in diameter! Each painting is carefully crafted to correspond with the coin’s origin. Bryanna’s fascination with tiny canvases started in 2014 when she painted a 3 x 3-inch piece. Her work is whimsical and charming, and it’s incredible how much detail she can fit into such a small space. “For example, I’ll use an Irish penny to describe their rolling hills, or a Euro to paint my trips to France,” she adds.

For more of the artist’s tiny works, visit her site and Instagram, and Abend Gallery has available pieces.