An Illustrator Depicts Day-to-Day Life of Committed Relationship In Charming Comics

Anyone that's been in a long-term, dedicated relationship understands that there's a distinction between falling in love and staying in love. The act of falling in love is identified by bursts of euphoria when living in love often means being with someone for better or for worse--and all of the times in between. The relaxation that comes from staying in a stable partnership is living through the sometimes exciting and often ordinary moments of everyday life. For many years, illustrator Yehuda Devir has chronicled these times in a relatable and enchanting manner. His relationship comics reveal the daily life he spends with his wife, Maya.

Devir calls his continuing webcomics One of Those Days. Produced at a stylized, often exaggerated comic book style, the one-panel examples discuss their lifestyles in a way that is guaranteed to resonate with anyone who was a part of a few. From stray hairs to fit food makeovers, every piece demonstrates the humor and compromise which makes a relationship work. Moreover, sometimes, it doesn't always go according to plan. In one scene, Devir catches his spouse" show cheating" using a series they watch together. "Five episodes without me?" Devir exclaims. "How could you?" Does this look familiar to you?

Now, after years of delighting people with his books, Devir along with his beloved wife have revealed themselves alongside their exemplified doppelgängers. Scroll down to see how the illustrator along with his spouse in real-life confers with his depictions. You can even view more from Devir by after him One of Those Days on his favorite Instagram. Prints of his work are also accessible at his online shop.

H/T mymodernmet