Daniel Mullen’s Sequencing Synesthesia Illustrations

Illustrations by Amsterdam based abstract architectural painter Daniel Mullen in cooperation with  artist and filmmaker Lucy Engelman researching her Synesthesia, a state in which numbers, letters, words or even hearing somebody's name invokes a sensory perception like a certain color, smell or flavor. In Engelman's situation, she encounters different colors before her mind's eye. Furthermore, time is spatial and color-related--the times of the week, weeks, decades all have colored locations in distance and shifting orientations. Mostly, she has an ever-changing complex and luminous filter to view the abstract theories of our planet. Mullen unknowingly developed a means of painting which sensory perception, which according to Engelman is your nearest visualization she's ever seen of her experience seeing colored letters, numbers and time.

See more of Daniel Mullen's job on Behance or at his website.