Artist Turns Everything His 5-Year-Old Daughter Says Into Fun Illustrations

Omaha-based graphic designers Michelle and Martin Bruckner dwell with a continuous source of inspiration – their 5-year old daughter, Harper Grace. She says the wackiest and most hilarious things sometimes, and her dad had a stroke of brilliance when he chose to begin drawing on them. Visualizing the contents of a kid’s mind is a daunting task, but his illustrations are somehow exactly what we’d anticipate a “circus goat” or a “cute Batman” to look like.

The project is named Spaghetti Toes, when Michelle needed to inform youthful Harper Grace that pasta surely has no location near anyone’s feet a title which originates from a family dinner conversation. It’s innocently comical moments such as these that feed the fire of Martin’s artworks that are kooky and colorful. As absurd as they may be, they remind us of a time when our imaginations were also limitless and make us wonder if it could be worthwhile to take life just a little less seriously.

Love some of Spaghetti Toes‘ greatest hits below, and be sure let us know which ones speak to your inner child the most!

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