David Ambarzumjan’s Brushstroke Paintings Reveal Different Periods Of Time In The Same Place

Artist David Ambarzumjan is popular on Instagram. With an impressive quantity of over 400k fans on the platform, he gladly shares his one-of-a-kind pieces of work with his followers.

The artist invests a great deal of time on these pieces; sometimes, it also takes him months to complete one painting.
The artist is best recognized for his continuous art collection "Brushstrokes In Time," which includes previous and existing landscapes that are disturbed by responsive strokes of paint, which themselves have their very own scenes within them. Considered that, the strokes occasionally match the age they compare, while other times, they stand for years in either direction, be it past, present, or perhaps future. Scroll down and have a look at the outstanding paints of David Ambarzumjan.

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