Felicia Chiao’s Lively Illustrations of Imaginary World

Felicia Chiao, a self-described "industrial designer by day and illustrator by nighttime," crafts drawings of humorous and fantastical scenes, packed with vibrant information.
Her signature hairless, nude protagonist appears to be a stand-in for every one of us, taking in the miracle or alternative selection of feelings in each piece.

On the artist's Instagram accounts, she frequently offers humorous ideas to cooperate with every work. For the bit above: "Would not it be cool if folks were like snails and wore their own houses around? Napping would be quite so convenient." And for the under piece: "Apparently water lilies and lotus blossoms aren't precisely the exact things. I really feel like I must have understood this?"

The artist works as a professional designer at IDEO Food Studio. She has also worked as a toy designer.