Illuminating beauty of buildings by a self-taught artist

Demi Lang, living in the UK, became an expert in architectural sketches that are so explicit and precise that it’s hard to comprehend that she learned it all by herself. It has been over 15 years now as she uses India pens, pencils, and ink and has produced all her beautiful drawings. The results tell the story of both international and local architecture. Lang’s relentless enthusiasm for drawing and structures, connected easily as the artist is always on a hunt for new objects to sketch. She says that she admires artisans who create these structures. She’s also fascinated by the history behind these buildings. According to her, once you pause and take a closer look, you can see so much more than meets the eye.
She’s very cautious with finding her objects to draw. She wanders around new cities and towns and studies photographs. The thing that fascinates her the most is how the sunlight hits the buildings and creates shadows and highlights. That’s when she’s aiming to capture the structures – when they’re soaking in the sun.
Her outstanding talent brought a lot of followers. Once she posts one of her drawings, she has nearly 35,000 fans that adore her art. Demi Lang often posts close-up photographs and videos, where you can see how exactly she works with fine lines and how she adds finishing touches with tiny brushes. She is very communicative with her fans, and she likes to share her process with them when they ask questions. She is an open book about her creative ways of drawing – what kind of paper she uses or what is her favorite gold paint. On the Amazon page, all interested can see the materials that she has recommended. This female artist deeply hopes that she will be able to transform her passion for architecture onto others and that the viewer will appreciate the details in her drawings, as she tries to bring these buildings to life.
On her website and Etsy, you can follow her drawings and buy them if you’d like to.