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Linda Bouderbala and her illustrations of characters fighting over the same thing

Paris-based artist and art director Linda Bouderbala loves to incorporate numerous pop culture stars into her work. Now she’s back with a new project called “Objects of Desire.”
In her newest project, she demonstrated some of our beloved pop culture characters arguing over the same things: Smeagol and Sonic fighting over a ring, Bender, and Homer fighting over a bottle of Duff. She says that she wanted something colorful and fun to draw, and that’s how she came up with this idea. Started with Minions and Diddy Kong fighting over a banana, led her to other desired objects.

Website: www.lindabouderbala.com/, www.instagram.com/linda_bouderbala/

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5eda5300b55a9 2 Homer Bender 5ed260a515213 880
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