Minimalist Feminine Paintings by Laura Berger

Multi-disciplinary Laura Berger creates abstract environments and explores universal themes of rituals, nature, and liberty in her portraits of female subjects. Berger works primarily in oil on the wood panel but also brings her characters to life in ceramics and large murals. Although the scenes in her paintings fluctuate broadly, Berger has generated a touch colour palette and minimalist human form that’s instantly recognizable.

Berger explains that she studied theater performance and design, and pursued painting as a personal practice, teaching herself and developing her style on her own. She shares with Colossal:

Finding my current style has been a gradual process that’s evolved over several years of working full time at painting. It’s always changing, though I feel a bit more settled in lately and I think the changes are maybe happening in slower, more subtle ways now. I think styles continue to evolve with the changes in our own selves and lives—the things that happen in our inner world and our outer experience both play a part; getting older affects creative work as we see new things and grow as people

Her female characters tend to sport dark shoulder-length hairdos, and Their hardy trunks and slender arms fold and fit together with almost Escher-like geometry. Round suns, oversized flowers, and warm-climate plants like palm leaves and cacti are most frequently alongside the girls, producing visual signature points along with a hint of story in the otherwise flat fields of background color.