Surreal Explorations with Wild Animals by El Gato Chimney

El Gato Chimney ‘s watercolor and gouache paintings mix showy winged critters, fabrics, and other pastoral components with surreal outcomes. After appearing as a self-taught road artist, he started to explore different avenues of expression during experimentation and studies. The Italian artist has shown his functions throughout the world.

A announcement provides some guidance for those estimating the job on a glimpse: “Beware, however, because in his artwork is as it seems and nothing is left to the situation: that the artist’s objective is to earn the beholder wonder and think rather than being a passive observer in the front of the umpteenth futile painting,” a statement states. “At the end, symbols and numbers may or may not provide you with a way to solve the enigma, but they certainly will make you wish to take in every small detail of these dreamy landscapes, bursting with vibrant colours and incredibly lively creatures, just awaiting tell you that their version of this narrative.”

His job was part of this series “The Wild Wood” in James Freeman Gallery at London.