Take a Closer Look at Game Of Thrones Hardhome’s Hardware

Last episode of Game of Thrones seemed like one of the most brutal episode of this show. In this post, we collected photos of hardware made by a weapon master, Tommy Dunne, who explains the weaponry featured in this week's episode.

Loboda's axe

"The wildlings all have different weapons. Obviously you’ll have axes. You’ll have bows, arrows, spears, and short swords."


"You want short because the snow is quite high in climate that they live in, so any long sword would just gather snow, as will the sheaths."

Karsi's weapons

"The wights are a concoction of different armies in every shape of dilapidation, and the same for their weapons. We have to make sure the weapon is in keeping with their look. If they look pristine, the weapon’s semi-pristine. If they’re looking a bit more disheveled, then the weapon has to be a bit more down and dirty."

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"For the White Walkers, we have a long pale sword which is supposed to be a shard of ice. The handle is a bit more samurai-ish. We’re very lucky, this year we found a brand new translucent rubber. It’s much more durable, much stronger, and we’re able to fight with it, which is the main thing."

Images: Helen Sloan