An Artist Reimagined Human Body Microbiome as Paper Cut Out Sculptures

Practicing the visual metaphor of a coral reef, artist Rogan Brown introduces his audience to the diverse bacteria, archaea, fungi within the human body via paper-based sculptures. The detailed works are created after months of study and hunting for aesthetic parallels that may link the two surprisingly similar worlds.

His series Magical Circle Variations merges these sources of inspiration with a pastel color scheme that could also be found in coral reefs.

"There are further parallels between human and coral beings in that we're both symbiont organisms, that is we rely on a mutually beneficial relationship with another species: coral only receive their exquisite colors from kinds of algae that live on these and human beings can only exist thanks to this unimaginably huge and varied number of bacteria that live in and on them."

Brown expects that his intricate paper sculptures will allow his audience to conceptualize the bacteria-based landscape of the human body greatly. You can view more of his job on his website.

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