NASA captured aerial shots of the enormous volcanic eruption in Russia

A few months ago volcanic eruption on Russia’s Kuril Islands was so massive that it had been quite literally observable in the distance. The ISS orbits 250 kilometers over the ground. NASA clarified :
“On the morning of June 22, astronauts shot a photograph of the volcanic plume rising in a narrow column and then spreading out in a part of the plume known as the umbrella region. That is the area where the density of the plume and the surrounding air equalize and the plume stops rising. The ring of clouds at the base of the column appears to be water vapor.”

On account of the range of its plume, the gas and ash pose a flight risk into planes. Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers at Tokyo and Anchorage are tracking its movements. Raikoke rarely surfaced; it is own very last explosion was 1924, and before this, 1778. It’s possible to research more scientific proof of this explosion on NASA’s Earth Observatory site. (through PetaPixel)