Photographer Neil Burnell Captures Mystical Beauty of Fairytale-like Wistman’s Wood

British photographer Neil Burnell captures breathtaking surroundings emptiness of individual subjects, frequently traveling to distant places far beyond culture. This specific forest has been the subject of folklore and fantasy, with many authors describing it as the most haunted place in Dartmoor.

“I have likely seen the woodland about 20 days in the previous year, but sadly it’s just had the essential mist on two events,” Burnell describes to Colossal. “Photographing it with no mist is a tricky job and nearly impossible to make pictures with the air I am trying to find.”

Regardless of the supernatural tales, Burnell is drawn to the air and photographic battle of this English woods and frequently visits the site at “blue hour” or even the hour until the sun rises in the daytime.

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