Stunning Images Of Daredevils That Will Take Your Breath Away

These high-line antics are guaranteed to make your pulse pound!

Inspired by adrenaline junky Ryan Robinson, these photos provide a glimpse into the world of severe highlining antics.

Now for those of you who are not familiar with the term, highlining is a game that looks like tight-rope-walking. Just most people who practice it do this on the outside, frequently between treacherous peaks.

Looks terrifying, right?

But for people like Robinson, the danger is all part of the experience. This is just the current evolution of his extreme sports interests.

Formerly, Robinson has been pushing his body to the limits with triathlons and Observed Bicycle Trials. But after discovering highlining, he had been smitten.

It's been five decades since he picked up the sport and it has directed him to travel all around the world to walk across dangerous territories.

Have a look at his Instagram for more scenic adventures.