20 Gifs That Explain How Things Work

Sometimes you just need an image to help you understand something. And if that image is in motion and shows you something that you otherwise would never see, all the better. Below is a set of animated gifs that show us how certain things work.

What happens when we swallow.


How keys and locks work.


 How ants walk.


This gif shows the development of the human face in the womb.


How a ladybug flies.


How small the earth would be compared to NML Cygni, the largest known star


How dandelion grows.


How beautiful music is produced in a trumpet.


This is what you can do with your screen.


This is what an egg looks like underwater without its shell.


How black hole devours a star.


Number of flights per day.


What happens when you apply a sunscreen.


The Pythagorean theorem (a² + b² = c²) demonstrated visibly.


How military helmet camouflage is applied.


How water refracts the light.


How a beanstalk (or other vine fruits, weeds, or vegetables) finds support.


How braces change your teeth.


What happens when dogs drink water.


A cheetah uses its tail to counter torsion and keep balance as it chases its prey.