Brilliant Inexpensive Gifts for Your Coworkers

Coworkers celebrating a colleague’s retirement in the office

Our lives are split between family and colleagues. Choosing the perfect for your colleague at work is not easy. You don’t want to spend too much or get too personal, of course, unless you want to and is someone you are eyeing. But that doesn’t mean you are left with boring gifts. In any case, you are friends at work are the ones who help you deal with much of the daily stress and drama at work, so treat them well! Here is a list of brilliant inexpensive gifts for your best buddies at work.

Celestial Heat Reactive Mug

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Most offices provide coffee mugs, but they always mysteriously disappear when you really need them. How about you save your best buddy at work from this problem?

Fruit Baskets

We all have that one friend at work that is very cautious about what they eat or is trying hard to shed off some pounds. A fresh fruit basket would be incredible for them. Did you like the fruit basket gift idea? Check out incredible fruit baskets from

Desk Accessory Holder

Every office has that person who tries their best to multitask - a pen in the mouth, a tape in his hands, paper clips underneath, among other stuff. Such a colleague deserves a desk accessory holder. It can hold a lot of stuff. 

Manly Valentine's Day Gifts For Men

Sweep your, favorite man, off his feet this Valentine's day with the most one-of-a-kind and presents in your life. Roses are red; violets are blue; jerky is his preferred, but he wants roses too.

Ladies aren't the only gender who can get flowers for Valentine's Day. This year you can get him an edible bouquet from Manly Man Co!

Desktop Golf

Do you have a colleague who would rather be at a golf course than in the office? If yes, then this desktop golf game or a golf simulator would be a perfect gift. They can immerse themselves in some golf. Of course, when the boss is not watching or when they are free.

Relaxing Eye Mask

Sometimes office work can be overwhelming. The brains become saturated, and eyes become tired. There is a solution, though - an eye relaxation mask. When placed upon the eyes, this incredible eye mask provides a soothing effect and allows the eyes to relax. A relaxing eye mask would make a great gift for a coworker.

Black man sleeping on bed with eye mask

Ladybug Desktop Vacuum

Make no mistake! This is not just a desktop decoration! It has it all - a crumb cleaner-upper, vacuum cleaner, and a dust cleaner. It is a perfect choice for your colleague who eats lunch at their desk and always manages to spill something. It won’t cost you more than $10.

Water Bottle

We need to keep ourselves hydrated at the workplace so our bodies can keep running on all cylinders. Effects of dehydration at the workplace include sluggishness, dizziness, and sometimes a headache. Gift your favorite colleague a water bottle to help them stay hydrated. With a water bottle, you can conveniently carry water from one place to another. You can the water bottled customized.

Body Lotion

The air in the office can get stale, especially during the winter. Find a good quality body lotion and save your office buddy from dry hands during this time. Find a classy bottle that can be kept on top of a desk and size that can fit in a drawer.