Charming Valentines Inspired By Quotations Of Famous Authors

Adam Ellis, a talented artist and content creator at Buzzfeed, has masterfully designed a series of "Literary Valentines" that pay homage to some of the most cherished writers and their works. These Valentines cleverly incorporate memorable quotations from each author's iconic literature, delighting fans and avid readers alike.

Among the Valentines, one cannot help but recognize J.K. Rowling's globally celebrated Harry Potter series, which has enchanted millions with its captivating tale of wizardry, friendship, and adventure. Equally memorable is J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, a timeless epic that has influenced generations of readers and fantasy enthusiasts.

These beautifully crafted Valentines not only serve as charming tokens of affection for literature lovers, but also as a reminder of the profound impact that these authors and their stories have had on our culture and imagination. By connecting these iconic works to the universal theme of love, Adam Ellis has ingeniously breathed new life into these treasured quotations, further solidifying their place in our hearts.

To view the full collection of Literary Valentines, be sure to visit Buzzfeed's website and explore the many creative ways in which Adam Ellis has celebrated the works of our favorite writers.

J.K. Rowling


Edgar Allan Poe


Chinua Achebe


Haruki Murakami


J. R. R. Tolkien


Truman Capote


H. G. Wells


Orson Scott Card


Max Brooks