Seven Simple Traits of a Truly Good Person

Photo by Jordan Donaldson | @jordi.d on Unsplash

What are the great characteristics found in most of the people? Nobody on this planet is free of flaws. However, there are 7 desirable characteristics of a good personality and a  character that could grab the right people’s attraction. Anyone could say that these are the main qualities of a good individual.

Learn Something New Every Day

Our brain is a muscle that we have to train all the time; and when we stop doing it, it gets slower and responds less efficiently to things. So learn something new, all the time stimulate our mind and start exercising that muscle. You can do it through short videos, reading a curiosity book, or anything. It does not have to be a substantial daily lesson.

It’s just that you get into the habit of going to bed every night, knowing something you did not know the day before.

Perform physical activity

Walk at least once a day and exercise as much as you can.

You do not need to sign up and go to a gym five times a week to be one of those fit and healthy people. Do not run a marathon or take extreme physical effort.

Just move and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. The body is made for a smooth but constant movement, which is why it is ideal, for example, to walk half an hour every day. Climb stairs, go on foot whenever possible.

Say “No” when you should

Learn to say ” no ” to those responsibilities or demands of some people that do not make sense to you.

Practice being assertive and communicating firmly for those things that you do not want in your life and from which others expect a positive response from you. Sometimes we say yes to people, to what they demand, to what they ask of us; just for fear of how they will react, what they will think or what they will say. But when we are firm, evidently we not only communicate our way of being, and the things we are willing to accept.

You need to make sure to leave aside the stress, to be able to breathe deeply with tranquility.

Health and Hygiene

If you want to be a healthy person throughout your life, you should know that facing the day to day with positivism and eating a healthy diet will help you to achieve it.

Something simple to see, but in reality, not all follow it. And what is the main reason that people do not maintain a balanced diet even we are aware that it is best for our health? Because they do not consider the long term effects and instead focus on the present.

However, we must take this fact into account. Increase your daily dose of fruits and green veggies, drink at least eight glasses of water per day, including natural juices, infusions, lean meats, fiber, cereals, dried fruit, etc. And you will realize little by little how you feel better consuming this type of food. And your health will thank you.

Enjoy your social circle and keep your mind young with Friends

Enjoy your life, be happy with your partner, with the people around you … Live the moment knowing that real happiness is in the present, in the here and now.

And above all, keep your mind open and young, encourage your curiosity and your desire to learn. All this will help you to be one of those healthy people. Worth it!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Manage Time Well

Time is the most valuable thing we have in life, and it is the only resource that we can not recover after having wasted it (unlike money, which can quickly be earned again).

Learning to manage time and distribute responsibilities well properly is the daily challenge of a highly successful person.

Feed The Mind, The Body And The Soul

The mind and soul need food, as well as the body.

And when I say food for the body, I not only talk about food but also about pleasure, shelter, security and many other things.

As for the mind and the soul, we talk about that we effectively surround ourselves with people who are close to our thoughts and who support our beliefs; dedicate ourselves to what we love and effectively invest our valuable time in matters of great value and that bring us total happiness.